Kampi.co.za - Frequently Asked Questions for Owners and Renters

Everything you need to know so you can use Kampi.co.za like a pro. Get started by Listing your caravan or renting a caravan in just a few minutes.

Looking to rent a caravan or camper.

Can I rent a camper for cross-border trips?


Yes, the owner of the camper you are renting from has the final say. They will supply the necessary documents to make your border crossing quick and easy. Kampi.co.za will issue you the insurance letter on request, you can email us at [email protected], and we will assist with this process.


Read through this great article by Track4Africa, which will guide you on what you will require for cross-border travel. What you need to get through the border - Tracks4Africa Blog


What do I need to rent?


You will need a valid driver's license for the class of camper you will be renting. And a credit or debit card. Kampi.co.za will require you to submit a copy of your Identity Document and Proof of Address for FICA purposes.


How can I pay the R5,000/R10,0000 breakage deposit?


Kampi.co.za will send a PayFast payment request to you.


You can pay the deposit in instalments; however, the full R5,000/R10,000 needs to be paid 7 days before the start of your trip.


Why a copy of my Identity Document


In the case of an Insurance claim, proper identification is required. Cross Border documentation must be 100% accurate to ensure a trouble-free transit through the border.


Why a copy of my Drivers License


For trailers with a GVM above 750kg, a Code EB license is legally required for Insurance purposes. Code B licenses are sufficient for trailers with a GVM of less than 750kg.


Collection and Delivery


Before collection, the owner will make contact to schedule a time for collection. Some owners offer a delivery service as well as a setup service.


What about the cleaning?


You will receive a clean camper, and owners have the option to add a cleaning fee to the rental or waive it. Generally, return a rental the way you would like to receive it. 


When should I book my trip?


That depends on the time of the year that you need the camper, during school holidays or not. While our customers book campers for the school holidays up to a year in advance, you will mostly get a camper for a weekend on shorter notice. Also, look for specials. Generally, getting hold of a camper is easier when you do not rely on travelling during school holidays.


What requirements are mandatory regarding towing?


The South African law looks without exception at the tare weight of your car, not at your vehicle's engine capacity. The minimum tare weight must exceed that of the trailer. You will find the tare weight on your license disk on the windscreen. Your vehicle must also be rated for towing the respective weight by the car's manufacturer.


On collection, this remains the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the renter has the correct driver's license (Appropriate Code and that the license has not expired or will not expire during the trip) and that the vehicle used for towing does comply with the Law of South Africa and the destination country. The owner should not release their camper to the renter if this is not in order as no Insurance claim can be submitted if this has not been checked by Kampi.co.za and the owner of the camper.


What driver's license do I need?


You need an EB, EC, or EC1 license to tow braked trailers legally. If the trailer's GVM (Gross vehicle mass) is more than 750kg, you will need an EB, EC, or EC1 license.


What speed do you recommend?


Always adhere to road speed limits, and keep in mind road conditions. We recommend a maximum of 100 km/h on tar and 40 to 60 km/h on a gravel road.


What if I get a breakdown?


Kampi.co.za offers 24/7 roadside assistance (Only in South Africa). Just call our friendly call centre staff on 0860 50 50 50 and select the option for commercial insurance and use 22138 as the policy reference.


Does Kampi.co.za offer a delivery service to my destination?


Kampi.co.za does not offer a service to tow the camper to your destination. However, we have partnered with organizations that do perform this service. However, this is the responsibility of the owner and renter to arrange. Some owners also offer the service to deliver the camper to your destination.

Understand the terms of the Insurance!

Read our full Terms and Conditions for more information Here. Feel free to give our Brokers a call for any additional questions.

Multi Risk Brokers (Pty) Ltd

087 236 6655


Want to list your caravan or camper on Kampi.co.za


How does the insurance work? Do I, as the owner pay for it?


Kampi.co.za is in partnership with one of South Africa's leading insurance companies. Your caravan, motorhome, or off-road trailer is covered by Kampi.co.za. In case of theft or complete loss, the renter must pay either an excess of R5000 or 10% of the claim's value, whichever is greater. The cover includes not only South Africa but all neighbouring countries as well. Kindly be advised that the deposit serves as a safeguard for insurance excess in the event of any claims made against damages. It will be utilized to cover any damages incurred, and any damages that go beyond the deposit amount shall be charged to the Renter.


Please ensure you have a copy of the cover letter for your camper's reservation before handing it over to the renter.


Kampi.co.za will impose a small insurance fee on the renter of R57 per day.


What should I do when the rental is over?


You have 72 hours to inspect the post-trip condition of the camper you have to submit a claim to [email protected] with a copy of your pre and post-inspection list. If you do not have a list Kampi.co.za will provide you with a template. Please include the estimated damages in the claim. Kampi.co.za will verify the claim is validity and provide feedback within 24 hours.


The renter will be notified of post-trip fees which will be charged to their payment method on file and of any reported damages held from the security deposit. Renters can dispute these charges within a reasonable timeframe as determined by Kampi.co.za. Settled claims above the security deposit may be charged to the primary renter's credit card by Kampi.co.za.


How do I claim damages and/or overages?


Kampi.co.za holds a security deposit on your behalf. If any damage occurs during the rental, the renter is responsible for this. If the damage is less than the deposit, it will be deducted from the deposit and paid to the owner if the damage is greater than the deposit the amount will be used as the excess for the insurance. Kampi.co.za have the right to claim the damages from the Renter


Damages reported will be reviewed by a member of the Customer Experience team and approved damages will be taken from the security deposit of the reservation.

IMPORTANT: You can revisit the Return Form to edit and add information as much as needed for 72 hours once the reservation ends, but you must sign the form digitally and click Submit before the 72 hours is over for your overages, fees, and damages to be reviewed and processed.


How do I submit an Insurance claim for a lost or damaged camper?


Kampi.co.za offers comprehensive cover in and outside South African borders (Neighboring countries only). In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged camper, you have to contact our insurance brokers within 24 hours of the event.


Multi Risk Brokers (Pty) Ltd

087 236 6655


How many listings may I have?


With Kampi.co.za the possibilities are truly endless. There is no cap on the number of listings you may have. Kampi.co.za is designed to accommodate your growing fleet, letting your camper pay for your next holiday.


What do I need to list?


Listing with Kampi.co.za is as easy as one, two, and three. You will need an email address to be verified and a few good-quality pictures of your camper. Please see our online help guide for suggestions. That's how easy it is.


What should I charge for my camper per day?


A very good starting point is to take the replacement value (The value you want the insurance to cover your camper for on trips on Kampi.co.za) and multiply it by 0.4% to 0.6% and this will give you a good starting point for what you should list your camper for.


We also have a calculator that you can use for quick reference here.



2015 Jurgens Sprite Tourer

R180 000 Replacement Value

R180000 * 0.4% = R720

R180000 * 0.6% = R1080


Using this method you can list your camper for between R720 to R1080 per day on Kampi.co.za


When will Kampi.co.za pay me?


If you have created a PayFast merchant and added it to your payout methods, you will receive your payout immediately. If you prefer for the payout to be made to your bank account Kampi.co.za will process the payment 1 day after the rental has started. This is to ensure we protect our owners and renter alike. Please note that based on which bank you use the funds can take up to 2 business days to clear.


We recommend leaving the funds in your PayFast wallet until the renter has collected the camper to ensure you comply with the selected refund policies.


You can rest assured that when you received a booking confirmation for your camper, Kampi.co.za has already collected the funds and is keeping it safe on your behalf.


How to create a PayFast Account


  • Go to www.payfast.co.za
  • Click “Sign Up / Register”
  • Enter your email address, and password, choose an account type and click "Continue"
  • Verify your account
  • Go to PayFast, then Settings, and click "Integration"
  • Copy your Merchant ID. This is what you will need to set up PayFast as a payment option on Kampi.co.za
  • Verify that Split Payments are enabled under Integration Settings.



Do you have more questions?


Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any further questions. Our friendly support staff will get back to you within 48 hours.