Kampi.co.za - About SA's only Person-to-Person Caravan and 4x4 Trailer for hire platform

Kampi.co.za is South Africa's first person to person, (Peer to Peer), camping rental platform. Thousands of

campers have caravans that they can convert into real assets, adding money to their pockets. Instead of being an underutilised luxury, owners can now earn R300-R600 per R100 000 of their vehicle's value, per day. Current listings vary in price from R250 per day to almost R2500 per day. Like renting out a vacation home, renting out your caravan on Kampi.co.za can take care of annual maintenance, and even pay for vacations.

Kampi.co.za solves two current problems by providing:

One: A safe earning opportunity for caravan owners.

Many South Africans are under extra financial pressure due to the unending ramifications of Covid-19. Judging by comments on social media, large amounts of people are looking for new earning opportunities. Some may fall prey to scams, while others could invest in a business only to battle breaking even. Reasons for this include lack of support, entering saturated markets, and unrealistic expectations. Without realising it, the solution may be standing ready in their back yard, unused for 45+ weeks a year.

Two: Easy access to caravans, 4x4 trailers, motor-homes and off-road vehicles for hire across South Africa.

Kampi.co.za provides a platform where campers and owners can transact safely, knowing that both parties have been vetted.

After extended lockdowns, South Africans have realised the value of time outdoors. They are now keener than ever to spend time camping.” Says Kampi.co.za Managing Director, Jean-Pierre Voogt.

This is evident when looking at Google trends that show a significant increase in searches for Caravan hires over the last 12 months.

On Kampi.co.za users can browse, search by area, by travel dates, by camper type, or even by drivers license type. Those with drivers licenses issued after 1999 had to separately apply for the EB license. B License holders limit drivers to towing caravans with a Tare weight of below 750kg. Kampi.co.za caters for this in the search functionality to easily display suitable campers for the right type of license.

Travellers who have rented accommodation via portals such as Airbnb will be very familiar with the powerful

map search. It displays both the price and location of the available camping rentals.

Kampi.co.za is the brainchild of Jean-Pierre Voogt and Darrell Strydom. These entrepreneurs from Pretoria

investigated the massive opportunities in the camping rental market. First thought went to investing in a fleet

of luxury and off-road caravans for a new hiring business. After realising the limitations of managing a single

fleet, the idea evolved. Kampi.co.za is now a nationwide rental platform for individuals and hiring businesses to rent out caravans and other campers.

Instead of purchasing a fleet of campers, we decided to rather invest those funds into the development and

marketing of the platform. We are investing a large amount in advertising across all channels” says, Co-Founder Darrell Strydom.

At Kampi.co.za, owners are treated like royalty. We do everything possible to ensure a smooth and easy

transition to becoming a Campreneur. We guide them every step of the way. The system is very straightforward to use, but if someone gets stuck, our help desk will guide them via AnyDesk.” Strydom continues.

All rentals are automatically, and comprehensively insured by KingPrice. After negotiations with the major insurance companies, KingPrice created a unique product for Kampi.co.za users. It covers rentals travelling not only in South Africa but also in all neighbouring countries.

In South Africa, this insurance includes roadside assistance (Only in South Africa). This provides the necessary peace of mind for owners to take the first step in their journey on Kampi.co.za. Naturally, all the standard expectations are in place. Free listings, no monthly costs, low commission and free support. Owners can also expect fast payouts and ID verifications. Furthermore, flexible cancellation terms, instant booking options, and robust marketing are included.

Supplementary offerings include:

  • KampiTrack, a non-GSM tracking solution with a battery life of up to 7 years. KampiTrack is easy to conceal with no tell-tale wires that reveal its installation. The monthly subscription is only R85.00 with no contracts or long term commitments.
  • Kampi's Insurance is affordable insurance for adventurers, underwritten by a major insurance provider. Owners can get started risk-free on Kampi.co.za with only a few pictures and a short description.